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Shocks and Struts Play an Important Role in Vehicle Safety

Date: 10/07/2018

Shocks and Struts Play an Important Role in Vehicle Safety!

Did you know shocks and struts play a critical role in the safety of your vehicle? There are three very important roles shocks and struts play.

Steering: The first is steering. Shocks and Struts evenly distribute your vehicle’s weight over all four tires, improving handling during turns. Worn shocks and struts can increase the chance of losing control of your vehicle especially in less than desirable conditions such as rain.

Stopping: The next role shocks and struts play in your vehicles safety is stopping. Shocks, struts, and brakes work together to help you stop sooner by keeping tires and wheels in contact with the road. Think about all the times that you are forced to stop quickly? Maintaining your shocks and struts can ensure that you have the best chance to stop when you need to. Also, maintaining your shocks and struts can help prevent premature wear of your brakes, which can save you money.

Stability: Finally, properly maintained shocks and struts can improve your vehicles stability. Shocks, struts, and tires work together to maximize tire-to-road contact improving your car’s stability and minimizing weight transfer.

Like many other suspension parts, through normal operation, shocks and struts wear over time. Now is a great time to come in and get your shocks and struts checked.  During our Ride Safe Event, we are offering up to $300.00 off Struts and $200.00 off Shocks. Do not wait this offer only lasts until October 31st 2018 so give us a call today! Keep your family safe on the road and save some money this October with Spencer Auto Repair.

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