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We are your Timing Belt Experts!

Date: 09/12/2018

We are your Timing Belt Experts- Some vehicles are equipped with a timing belt which is an internal engine component that is responsible for driving and synchronizing the camshaft movement with the crankshaft movement. Your vehicle’s timing belt is a vital component and is recommended to be replaced based on your manufacture’s specific interval. Due to wear and repeatedly being exposed to stress over time this component can fail. Unfortunately, in many cases your timing belt can fail without warning. When your timing belt fails it could cause serious and costly engine damage and cause you to break down.

At Spencer Auto Repair we have access to all the manufacture’s maintenance intervals and can inform you when your vehicle's manufacture recommends replacing your timing belt. We take the welfare of our customers vehicles very seriously and make recommendations based on time and mileage to help prevent the need for larger repairs in the future. We are committed to provide a long-term partnership with our customers centered around customer education. It is our goal to help our customers get what they want out of their vehicle. Timing belt replacements are backed by our 3 year, 36,000 mile nationwide warranty.

Spencer Auto Repair is proud to be serving customers at our 4 valley locations: Tempe, Mesa, San Tan Valley, and Florence. We are family owned and operated and have technicians with over 40 years’ experience. If you are concerned about your vehicle's timing belt or would like us to review your manufacture's maintenance schedule with you just visit any of our locations and our friendly staff members would be happy to assist you. Need a ride home? Spencer Auto Repair offers complimentary Uber/ Lyft services for our customers. 

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