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How To tell If Your Breaks Need To Be Replaced

Date: 06/20/2018

Brakes are one of the most important safety measures in a car. They transform our cars from hunks of metal. plastic and rubber hurtling on the highway to the safe machines we use every day. For this reason, we should strive to identify and fix faulty brakes before they can cause us any trouble.

Below we will show you the dangers of driving your car with faulty brakes

1 Increased Response time

As you may have noticed, faulty brakes take a longer time to respond. This means that even if you have very quick reactions your rakes might still let you down. This might cause you to get into a situation you would have avoided if you had a good braking system.

2 Affect your driving

Faulty brakes cause your car to behave abnormally. Pulling is one instance where pressing on the brakes causes the car to pull to one side. When this happens on the highway can affect your driving and even that of other road users.

3 Expensive Repairs

If you do not take care of faulty brakes as soon as they start misfiring then you are in for more problems. If for example you do not change your brake pads eventually your callipers and rotor get damaged. This means that you will have to replace all of these components resulting in very expensive repairs.

4 Brake Failure

Faulty brakes can stop working entirely. This is especially bad news if you are driving at the moment they quit on you.

To avoid coming face to face with any of the above dangers you should know when your brakes need to be serviced. The signs below means your brakes are not working efficiently and should be checked immediately

1 Appearance

Every now and then you should look at your brake pads. While there is bound to be some wear, if your brake pad is too thin then get it changed. Brake pads that are less than quarter an inch should be changed immediately.

2 Sound

As you might have noticed your brakes work almost silently. Screeching sounds when braking it might mean your brake pads are getting worn out. If your car has been sitting in rain then screeching brakes are normal but they should back to normal after some time. Persistent screeching is a sign that your brake pads should be changed.

3 Vibrations

If you feel your brake pedal vibrating whenever you step on the brakes then your rotors are most likely warped. The main cause of warped rotors is heavy breaking. Therefore if you have been doing some steep mountain driving, towing or any other driving that requires heavy braking then get your rotors are probably warped. A vibrating brake pedal can be caused by misalignment.

4 Pulling

If your car pulls to one side whenever you are braking then you should see your mechanic. It shows that either there is a problem with your brake lines or your brake fluid is contaminated and therefore not working correctly. Either way, you should get your braking system checked.

5 Fading

Are your brakes less responsive? If you have to step on the pedal harder than before your brake line has a problem. It could be air, leaking out of the brake hose or a brake fluid leak.

If you notice any of the signs stated above then you should visit one of the Spencer Auto Repair locations located around Arizona. Otherwise, you are putting your safety on the line everytime you drive. To ensure that you can drive without worrying you need to get your brakes checked by a certified mechanic regularly or once you notice any of the signs listed above. If you have any questions or concerns about your brake system you can call or visit our shop in Tempe Arizona at 2650 N. Scottsdale Rd., Tempe, AZ 85281
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