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Car Organization! - Tips to Prevent the Chaos - Guest Blogger Ashley Gerardo, Owner, A Simplified Home!

Date: 07/31/2019

Car Organization! - Tips To Get Your Car Ready for All the Chaos! - Guest Blogger Ashley Gerardo, A Simplified Home 

With school back in session around the valley things get more hectic and more time is spent in the car! Whether you are a parent toting kids to and fro, or a bypasser stuck in the traffic, an organized car can help your day run smoothly when you are away from home! Here are a few quick tips for getting your car ready for all the chaos from our guest blogger Ashley Gerardo, organizing expert and owner of A Simplified Home!


1. Use zipper pouches labeled with categories- I like to keep clear ones labeled in my center console/glove compartment with specific items I may need while on the go. Some categories to have may be:

a. Spare change of clothes (for kids)

b. Snacks (ones that won't melt in the heat)

c. Hair/cosmetic accessories (for those mornings where you rush out without a brush)

d. Receipts (makes returns easy!)

e. Misc. (pens, floss, wisps, tissues, sanitizer, punch cards, cords, etc.)


2. Keep an emergency kit- you never know what will happen on the road, big or small it is always best to be prepared! I like to include so much more than the usual flares for an accident or bandaids for a scrape. Here are my must haves:

a. Wipes (include diapers/pullups for appropriate ages)

b. Paper towels

c. Ziploc bags

d. Plastic grocery bags

e. Water

f. Tums/dramamine

g. Sunscreen

h. First aid kit

i. Road triangles

j. Portable vacuum

k. Instant ice pack

l. Towel

m. Blanket

n. Feminine products


3. Over seat organizer- I love to keep one of these on the back of each front seat so kids' items stay off the floor and out of my area! These can specifically be good for:

a. Tablets

b. Paper & pencil (hello last minute homework!)

c. Books

d. Car games

e. Snacks and drinks


4. A few other tips-

a. Set specific expectations. If you want you car kept a certain way, practice what you preach!

b. No one leaves the car empty handed! There is always trash, mail, bags, or toys to be taken to the house!

c. Put things back where you found them! Everything you need in the car should have a spot to be contained so you can find it again and again! Make sure it gets back to it's home each time to keep a tidy car.

d. Replenish anything that was used. If you run out of anything, make sure you add it to your grocery list or bring more from the house before you forget. Avoid being in a bind the next time you need to use it!

e. If you're ever waiting in the carpool line, drive-thru, or gas station do a quick clean! Wipe down a dirty dashboard or carseat, vacuum up some crumbs, or collect any trash! Use the otherwise wasted time and don't let it get out of control!


I want to leave you with some amazon links to some of my favorite car items that I use every day!

Enjoy your adventures and drive safe!

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