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Benefits of a Cooling System Flush

Date: 05/13/2019

Coolant is designed to remove heat from your vehicle's engine. Coolant is also known as antifreeze and there are many different vareties. It is always important to consult your owner's manual to see what type of coolant your vehicle requires. 

What does coolant do? 

The role of the exhaust and cooling system is to ensure that the engine stays cool. The coolant absorbs the heat from the engine and helps prevent the water from boiling in hot temperatures. When the water boils in your cooling system you run the risk of having engine damage and other large issues. Coolant also helps to prevent plastic parts from corroding and metal parts from rusting.

Why should I get a coolant flush?

Coolant flushes provide many benefits to your cooling system:

1. Lubricates your Water Pump- New coolant contains additives that lubricate your vehicle's water pump. This can help lengthen your water pumps life. 

2. Removes Rust and Other Deposits- Coolant flushes remove rust and other deposits that build up overtime. These deposits can cause overheating and damage to your cooling system.

3. Help Prevent Your Water Pump from Rusting- The additives in new coolant can help prevent rust build up in the water pump which helps improve the efficiency of the cooling system. 

4. Helps Prevent your Coolant from Becoming Acidic- It is important to keep the coolant from becoming acidic because it can damage the aluminum components of the engine, rubber hoses, and the bearing on the water pump. 

5. When you get a Cooling System Flush You will Receive an Inspection- This inspection can help identify any large issue before they arise. Anytime a vehicle is at Spencer Auto you will receive a courtesy inspection!

Not sure if you are in need of a vehicle cooling system flush? You can check your vehicles owner's Manuel or give us a call! We have access to manufacturers maintenance schedules and help you get what you want out of your vehicle! Visit one of our 5 east valley locations in Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, San Tan Valley, or Florence. 

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